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Colorado gas new construction program for builders

You can earn rebates when you build an energy efficient home. First, choose the path below that works best for you. 

To apply for a rebate, fill out the online application or download the printable application.

Prescriptive path

Builder must install a selected set of energy efficiency measures.

Equipment type Eligible measures Incentives
Heating Natural gas furnace ≥ 96% AFUE $500
Envelope (HERS rating required) - R-15/19 Rim and Band Joist Insulation
- R-20 + R-5 wall insulation
- Duct Sealing and repair with ADS, mastic, or other code-compliant methods
- ENERGY STAR window U-Factor equal to 0.30
- $0.10 per sq. ft., up to $50
- $0.10 per sq. ft., up to $150
- $200
- $2.00 per sq. ft., up to $400
Rebate Bundle Bonus Three or more new construction measures are installed in the program year 10% of equipment rebates
HERS HERS rating (this incentive is paid directly to the Rater) $100

Performance path

Builder may select measures from the Prescriptive Path or other high-efficiency natural gas equipment.

The only requirement of the Performance Path is that builders are able to verify that the home has natural gas savings 10 percent above the local code as verified by a HERS rating.

The total incentive in the Performance Path is $1,000 per qualifying home.

Equipment type Requirement Eligible measures/incentives
Other natural gas savings 10% above the local code Incentive $900
HERS HERS Rating HERS rating incentive $100 (paid directly to Rater)