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Ovens and stoves

Reduce your energy use with every meal.

  • Check foods through the oven window. You may lose 25 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit each time you open the door.
  • For many dishes, especially those that require a long cooking time, you can turn off the oven a few minutes before finishing. The oven will remain hot enough to complete the job.
  • The self-cleaning feature is expensive. Learn to wipe up promptly after baking or roasting to avoid using the self-cleaning feature. A "continuous cleaning" oven doesn't use extra energy.
  • Put a shine on your reflector pans. Dirty, dull pans absorb heat instead of reflecting it.
  • Match the pan to the surface burner. A pan that fits the burner cooks better.
  • Thaw food before cooking it. It’s wasteful to thaw food by cooking it, and it won’t cook as well.