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Washers and dryers
  • Don't use an entire wash cycle for only a couple of garments. On the other hand, jamming too much into a wash load causes extra wrinkles and lint.
  • Always clean the lint screen before you start the dryer. Also, double-check the pockets of your garments.
  • Plan your drying cycle. First dry larger, bulkier clothes, and then use a shorter cycle for small, light garments.
  • Don't go overboard on suds. Too much detergent may hurt your clothes and your washing machine. Use cold or lukewarm water when you can. You'll save with every load when you use cooler water. And cold water helps reduce lint.
  • Hand irons aren't cheap. A hand iron uses as much energy as 10 100-watt light bulbs. Keep that in mind when you consider buying permanent press garments.