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Consumer products program for residential customers

You can earn a rebate when you recycle your old, inefficient refrigerator and freezer free of charge and receive a $50 rebate

  • Appliance must be between 10 and 30 cubic feet in size
  • Appliance must be in operating condition
  • Must be empty and accessible for pickup
  • Limit to two per customer

High efficiency appliances such as new refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers and Smart power strips are also promoted by offering rebates from $10 to $50 for ENERGY STAR labeled appliances.

measure qualifying equipment rebate
Refrigerator/freezer recycling 10-30 cu. ft.; in working condition $50
New refrigerator ENERGY STAR qualified $50
Dishwasher ENERGY STAR qualified $20
Smart power strips N/A $10
Clothes washer ENERGY STAR qualified $20
Smart thermostat   $50
Room air purifier   $25
Dehumidifier   $75

To get started, check out our appliance recycling scheduling page or call 888-594-8565.