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Colorado solar program

Southern Colorado has an abundance of sunshine and we’re harnessing this power to bring you more local renewable energy options that work for your home or business. If you’re thinking of going solar, we’re here to help.


Let’s get started:

  • Start by understanding your specific energy needs and requirements. How much energy do you use each month? What is your yearly average?
    • You can find out more by visiting our online portal or by contacting our Customer Service representatives at 888-890-5554
  • Take advantage of our free home energy audit to find out how you can reduce energy use. Our professional evaluators will provide you with customized tips and low-cost energy-savings measures that will help keep your home comfortable and energy-efficient.
    • Call Black Hills Energy at 888-567-0799 to schedule your home energy audit.
  • Have your home or business evaluated by a professional to see if your site is suitable for solar energy. Questions to ask:
    • Do you have adequate southern exposure to the sun?
    • Is your roof shaded by trees or will trees grow to shade your roof later?
    • What is the age and condition of your roof? If it needs replacing soon, this would mean removing and re-installing solar panels.
    • Do you have adequate land space at your home or business for a ground-mounted solar array?