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Manage your account online

Enjoy the benefits of an online account.

Manage your account online

When you create your online account, you’ll have easy access to the resources and tools listed here to help manage your account anytime, anywhere. Create a profile to get started or log in if you’ve previously created a profile.



Make a payment

Pay with your checking or savings through your online account. You can also pay with a credit card or find payment locations near you. 

  • Click Make a Payment on your dashboard

View billing and payment history

Your account dashboard allows you to quickly view your amount due, bill details and due date. If you want more information about your account, download up to two years of past bills. 

  • From the menu, click Billing
  • Click History

Download billing and payment history

No need to call to get your billing and payment history for taxes. It’s quick and easy to download from your online account.

  • From the menu, click Billing
  • From the Billing options, click History
  • Scroll to the bottom and click Export Billing Data
  • Select the starting and ending month for the download, and choose Excel or PDF as the file type
  • Click Download

Change your billing options

Enroll in options like paperless billing, automatic payments or budget billing, our free, stable billing plan.  
•    From the menu, click Billing
Click Settings
 Select the appropriate option for paperless billing, budget billing or auto pay

Track your energy usage

View your current usage and easily compare to the same month last year on your account dashboard. Look further into your energy usage details with the two years of usage and temperature history available online. 

  • From the menu, click Usage

Sign up for email, text or phone alerts

Keep updated about what’s happening with your account. Manage your communication preferences to receive email, text and/or phone alerts about your bill status, payments, outages or other changes to your service.

  • From the menu, click Profile
  • Click Communication Preferences

Sign up for programs

Enroll in programs like Service Guard or HomeServe, our appliance protection plans.

  • From the menu, click Programs
  • Click Available
  • Sign up for programs available for your address, or click Enrolled to view your active programs.

Report an outage or problem

Easily report power outages or request service for an appliance covered by a protection plan. Options are available online to receive alerts and status updates about power outages in your area.

  • From the menu, click Outages

Schedule an appointment 

Non-emergency appointments can be scheduled online. 

  • From the menu, click Appointments
  • Click Schedule
  • Select the address for the service
  • Choose Repair or Inspection (if applicable)
  • As prompted, answer questions about the repair and select an appointment date and time
  • Once scheduled, confirmation of your appointment will display on your dashboard

Move or stop your service

Whether you are moving to a new home in our service area or across the country, submit your request online to change your service online.

  • From the menu, click Customer Service
  • Click Start, stop, move service

Manage your online profile

Connect all your utility accounts, update your password and download letters of credit and utility verification.

  • To update your password:
    • From the menu, click Profile
    • Click Login and Security
  • To download a letter of credit or letter of utility verification:
    • From the menu, click Customer Service
    • Click Verification Letters