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Colorado electric commercial self-direct custom rebate program

Through our Self-Direct Custom Rebate Program, you can design your own energy-efficiency plan. And we’ll help you reduce the price and payback period of your new equipment.

To get started 

Download the printable application.


More information

Rebates are available to commercial and industrial customers who have an aggregated peak load greater than 1 megawatt in any one month and an aggregated annual energy usage of 5,000 megawatt hours. Projects must have an incremental payback of one year or longer.

Projects include chillers, unitary HVAC equipment, refrigeration and measures not covered under the Commercial Prescriptive Rebate Program.

Rebates are reflected as a bill credit against the customer's monthly DSM surcharge until the total amount of the rebate has been recouped through bill credits.

The Self-Direct Custom Rebate Program evaluates:

  • 50 percent of the incremental cost
  • Incentive per kilowatt hour
    • Savings will be a sliding scale and depend on the total project kilowatt hours
  • Rebates will have a 10 percent adder to the value of a custom rebate