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On-site energy evaluation

This program promotes on-site energy evaluations with the aim of providing recommendations to residential customers, who purchase electricity and/or natural gas, about ways you can reduce energy consumption in your home. This includes single family homeowners and renters, as well as multi-family housing in buildings containing 1-4 units. Newly constructed homes are ineligible for program services until at least 5 years after construction, or as determined by a program administrator. 

A home energy evaluation is free and valued at approximately $150 - $250. A professional and comprehensive energy evaluation will provide recommendations on how to reduce energy use and save money. Our evaluators will also provide free or low-cost energy-saving measures and customized tips.

Enter your ZIP code to view information about how to schedule your evaluation today. 

To better understand your home energy use, check out our free online energy evaluation program

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Call 888-454-3312 to schedule yours today.