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Cheyenne Electric - Laramie County residential rebates

Install energy efficient equipment and get paid to do so. For more information about the requirements, download the printable application from the list below.

High-efficiency lighting program
cooling (must have an active black hills energy electric account to be eligible)
Central air conditioners Download central air conditioners application
Air source heat pumps Download air source heat pumps application
Room air conditioners Download room air conditioners application
consumer products (must have an active black hills energy electric account to be eligible)
New refrigerators Download new refrigerators application
Dishwashers Download dishwashers application
Smart power strips Download smart power strips application
Clothes washers Download clothes washers application
Room air purifier Download room air purifier application
Dehumidifier Download dehumidifier application
New construction
New construction rebate program Download new construction rebate program application
Electric vehicle charging rebate Download electric vehicle charging rebate application

*Black Hills Energy’s Residential Evaluation Program is necessary for eligibility for insulation and window rebates. Contact Black Hills Energy for details and attach a copy of the evaluation results to this rebate form. Call 888-454-3312 to schedule a free home energy evaluation. Envelope Measure Retrofit rebates are available for Black Hills Energy Gas Heat customers only.