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Colorado gas residential rebates

For more information about the requirements, download the printable application from the list below.

Rebate printable application
Natural gas water heating
Standard storage gas water heater Download standard storage gas water heater application
Tankless water heater Download tankless water heater application
Water heating technologies
Water Heating - Indirect Water Heater Download indirect water heater application
High-efficiency natural gas heating
Furnace Download furnace application
Boiler Download boiler application
Gas Fired Absorption Heat Pump Download gas fired absorption heat pump application
Setback thermostat
Setback thermostat Download setback thermostat application
Smart thermostat Download smart thermostat application
Envelope measure retrofit
(Home must be at least five years old to be eligible for Envelope Measure rebates. Insulation is for retrofit only, new construction or new additions are not eligible for rebate.)
Insulation - Ceiling/Attic Download ceiling/attic insulation application
Insulation - Floor Download floor insulation application
Insulation - Foundation Download foundation insulation application
Insulation - Rim and Band Joist Download rim and band joist insulation application
Storm Windows Download storm windows application 
High-efficiency applicances
Clothes Washer (Top Loading) Download clothes washer application
New Construction
New Construction Download new construction application
Home energy evaluation 
Home energy evaluation  888-567-0799