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Comfort Plan

At Black Hills Energy, we're committed to providing you stress-free appliance protection with Service Guard. 

Receive peace-of-mind coverage for only $23.99/month on:
  • Furnace - natural gas, electric, propane or natural gas boiler
  • Air conditioner - electric only
  • Range - propane, natural gas or electric
  • Water heater - propane, natural gas, electric or natural gas tankless

The Comfort Plan emphasizes our number one priority - to provide you with peace-of-mind appliance coverage. Fill out the the form below to get started. 

View the terms and conditions of the Comfort Plan and if you have questions about the Comfort Plan, call 888-890-5554.

Thanks for your interest in our appliance repair plan. Unfortunately, we don’t have our Comfort Plan available in your area at this time.

For tips to keep your appliances working safely and efficiently, please check out our blogs.

This plan is only available for Colorado gas customers.
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