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Iowa Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery

Did you notice a new line item on your bill, titled EECR? The Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery or EECR charge actually isn’t new at all. The charge was previously bundled into your base rate, but as of January 1, 2019, state legislation requires Iowa utilities to list the EECR as a separate line item on customer bills.

In other words, even though you’ll now see a separate charge, the ECCR is not an increase to your bill.

EECR Details

Funds collected from the EECR are used to cover the costs of utilities’ energy efficiency plans, as required by the Iowa Utilities Board and state law. How much you’re charged depends on the amount of gas you use in any given month. All types of retail customers and customer classes pay the charge.

Energy Efficiency Programs in Iowa

We offer a number of energy efficiency programs for our Iowa customers and there are many ways to take advantage of the programs. Learn more about all of our money and energy-saving programs and rebates. [new link]