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Multi-Family Natural Gas Incentives

At Black Hills Energy, we understand venting and plumbing costs can sometimes deter developers from choosing natural gas in their construction projects. The following incentives have been designed to help offset these costs and ensure access to the long-term benefits of natural gas energy.

A $350 per unit incentive may be available for dwellings using natural gas for space heating. Additionally, the following incentives may also apply to other qualifying natural gas appliances:

Appliance Incentive
Water heater $150 per unit
Range or cooktop $50 per unit
Gas fireplace $25 per unit
Gas dryer $50 per unit
Outdoor appliance and heating systems $25 per unit

Note: Firepits and outdoor natural gas lighting (e.g., torches) do not qualify for this incentive. To qualify for these incentives, the following requirements must be met:

  • Dwelling units must be individually metered
  • Each dwelling unit must use natural gas for space heating
  • An agreement must be established prior to construction commencement

If these items are satisfied, incentives will be paid after the natural gas meters are set and activated.

More information

For questions regarding the program, please fill out the form below. You can also call 888-890-5554.