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Black Hills Energy working to restore service in Garden City

GARDEN CITY, Kan. — Feb. 19, 2021 — Friday evening, Black Hills Energy technicians responded to a damaged gas line that impacted service to customers near Ninth and Santa Fe in Garden City. The cause is still under investigation, and technicians are working through the night to restore service.

To safely facilitate repairs, technicians will go door to door and turn off gas meters in the area to ensure the safety of the community. After making repairs to the damaged gas main and re-pressurizing the system, service will be restored.

Black Hills Energy crews will then go door to door to relight pilot lights. At locations where no one is home or the business is closed, a tag will be left on the door notifying the customer that the natural gas has been shut off and to call the company for it to be turned back on. Customers with questions about restoring service should contact us at 1-888-890-5554.

It is extremely important that customers do not attempt to re-light their own pilot lights on their furnaces or water heaters. Customers with question about restoring service should contact us at 1-888-890-5554.