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Natural Gas Remains a Great Value this Heating Season

Fayetteville, Ark. — Nov. 1, 2019 — Black Hills Energy customers in Arkansas can expect to pay slightly less for natural gas this winter. Black Hills Energy currently estimates a winter cost of gas (COG) of about $0.35 per ccf, which is approximately 12% less than last winter's COG. The natural gas component typically accounts for 40 to 45 percent of a residential bill and is passed through directly to customers without mark-up.

“Natural gas continues to be a great value for our customers,” said Black Hills Energy Arkansas Vice President Wes Ashton. “The average monthly bill for a customer is essentially the same cost as it was five years ago, and is less now than it was fifteen years ago. As the price of natural gas has decreased, we have passed along those savings to our customers.”

Although natural gas prices continue to remain low, weather can also greatly impact winter home heating bills. Black Hills Energy is recommending the following safety and efficiency tips for Arkansas customers.

Ways to stay safe

  • Natural gas smells like rotten eggs for your safety. If your nose picks up this scent, immediately leave the area, and then call 911 once you’re away from the site.
  • Wait for Black Hills Energy or emergency personnel to arrive before re-entering the building. Emergency personnel will let you know when it’s safe to return.
  • Never use a mobile phone, touch a light switch or start an engine while near a suspected gas leak.
  • Ensure your home is equipped with carbon monoxide detectors, and never use gas ranges, ovens or clothes dryers to heat your home.

Ways to reduce energy costs

  • Prevent heat loss. Cut heat loss by caulking and weather-stripping doors and windows.
  • lnstall a programmable thermostat to lower the temperature while you're away or sleeping. Turning down the thermostat within a comfortable range; even a few degrees saves energy.
  • Clean your furnace filter monthly, and follow any other routine maintenance procedures described in the owner's manual. Dirty filters make your furnace run much harder and circulate dirty air through your house.
  • It’s recommended to have your furnace inspected by a professional once a year. Along with providing safe, reliable natural gas, Black Hills Energy also performs furnace inspections for a fee to prevent a minor nuisance from becoming a costly concern.
  • For more energy saving tips visit

“Black Hills Energy strives to be the safest energy company in the country, and we want our customers to stay safe and warm this winter,” added Ashton.  “That’s why we’re sharing these important safety tips and why we offer energy assistance through our Black Hills Cares program.”

Black Hills Cares works with local nonprofits to distribute financial aid to customers in need. Last year, more than 300 Arkansas families received energy assistance through the Salvation Army’s Hearts Warming Homes partnership with Black Hills Cares. To access this program, simply call 1- 800-227-2156.

Arkansans looking for help with their Black Hills Energy bill can visit or call 1-800-563-0012 to schedule a seasonal furnace inspection for an additional fee.

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