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Families grateful to our Delta team
colorado guardian angels

Sometimes guardian angels are disguised as Black Hills Energy employees.

Every year our employees in Montrose, Colorado, and Delta, Colorado, get together with Helping Hands, a local charity, to help families in need. Most years, Helping Hands provides the gifts and our employees supply Christmas food boxes.

This year, though, our team was able to help out just a bit more than usual. A few months back, a family had their vehicle break down on the highway in front of our Colorado Gas office in Delta. Two Delta employees, Zack and Don, helped the family get the car into our yard, diagnosed the problem, and, since the family did not have money at the time, went and bought the needed parts out of their own pockets. They then came back to the yard and fixed the family’s car before sending them on their way.

Later, the family sent a very nice letter thanking the employees for their help. “Your kindness that afternoon was, to me and my family, an incredible blessing,” wrote Walt, adding that the Black Hills Energy team acted as “ministering angels” that day.

Bowers also enclosed some money to reimburse the employees for their time and expense. Zack and Don opted to donate the money to Helping Hands instead. With this money and contributions from other employees, we were not only able to supply three families with complete food boxes, but helped our local charity buy gifts as well. Our crew also bought a cord of wood for a family struggling to keep their house warm this winter.

We are so proud of our employees and the many ways they step up to help others in their communities!

We partner with our communities and customers, providing the kind of energy that fuels those areas and the lives of those we serve. Feel free to share the stories and photos. Make sure to tag us on FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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