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Black Hills Energy receives workplace safety award in Nebraska

Every year, organizations that have made a difference in workplace safety are recognized by the Nebraska Safety Council. In recognition of our safety achievements, Black Hills Energy was awarded the Spirit Award during an April awards luncheon in Lincoln, Nebraska.

This was the first year Black Hills Energy applied for the award.

“It’s an honor to be recognized for the work our Nebraska team does to create a workplace focused on safety and wellness,” said Michael Minnehan, a safety professional for Black Hills Energy. “It’s important to understand that without the diligence and intention on safety exhibited by all employees, that this award would not have been possible.”

The Workplace Safety Award Program is designed for Nebraska Safety Council member companies that encourage and promote the prevention of occupational injuries and illness in their workplaces and have achieved superior results in the success of their safety programs. Applications are peer-reviewed by industry professionals who serve on a volunteer committee that evaluates various aspects of each program.

The Nebraska Safety Council is a nonprofit organization with the mission of providing leadership and resources to promote a safe and healthy environment in our workplaces and communities.

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