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Green Forward

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Introducing Green Forward, a new way to contribute to a healthy planet.


Green Forward, an easy, cost-effective and flexible way to address the carbon footprint from your natural gas use. For as little as $5 per month, you can join the community contributing to a more sustainable future.


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How does Green Forward work?


Green Forward is open to renters, homeowners and most businesses, and requires no contracts, installation or equipment. We are committed to offering you solutions that make a difference for the environment, and we do not make a profit from this voluntary program.

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When you participate in Green Forward, you’re contributing to a healthy planet for future generations, while continuing to use your safe, reliable and cost-effective natural gas appliances. Joining Green Forward means you’re addressing the emissions from your natural gas use through a mix of carbon offsets and renewable natural gas certificates. These carbon offsets support nature-based projects that could include improving forestry management, grasslands and wetlands preservation. Renewable natural gas certificates support the production of renewable fuel from landfills, farms, and wastewater treatment plants. 

Plus, when you participate, you’ll receive an annual impact report detailing your impact as well as the environmental projects you’re supporting. 

Active residential and small volume commercial natural gas customers in Arkansas, Iowa, Kansas, Nebraska, Colorado and Wyoming are eligible. 

Green Forward offers flexible options at a cost-effective and fixed monthly price. The monthly cost to participate starts at $5 more per month for each “block” you purchase, and one block is equivalent approximately 25-37% (varies by state) of the emissions associated with the average home’s natural gas use. You may purchase as many blocks as you like to address the emissions from your natural gas use, and the cost will be added to your Black Hills Energy bill. 

The monthly participation cost goes toward the purchase of carbon offsets and renewable natural gas certificates from projects that reduce or prevent the release of greenhouse gases as well as program administration. We do not make a profit from this program.

No, there are no contracts, and you may change your enrollment level or cancel anytime.

With Green Forward, there is no need to install or maintain any equipment, ensuring the program is convenient for renters, homeowners and most businesses. This also makes it easy to continue using your safe, reliable and cost-effective natural gas appliances.

A carbon offset is a reduction in emissions of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases made to compensate for emissions made elsewhere. Carbon offsets can be derived from several sources and are grouped into categories, including, but not limited to, renewable energy development, landfill methane avoidance and destruction, energy efficiency, and improved forestry management. 

A renewable natural gas (RNG) certificate represents the environmental attributes, or greenhouse gas reduction benefit, associated with RNG. There are tremendous emissions reduction benefits from the use of RNG as it represents the beneficial use of methane that would have been released into the environment, whereas combustion of fossil natural gas represents the release of new carbon emissions into the atmosphere. By purchasing RNG certificates, you are receiving the environmental benefits of the production of that renewable fuel. Your RNG certificate purchase also helps build a market for renewable fuels. Increased use of renewable fuels helps reduce emissions and makes use of waste materials. 

Carbon offsets are created from projects that reduce or prevent the release of carbon emissions that would otherwise be released into the atmosphere. Renewable natural gas (RNG) transforms organic waste into renewable energy that can be delivered through existing infrastructure to fuel vehicles and run your natural gas appliances. Some projects that produce RNG also create carbon offsets. When you enroll in Green Forward, you support a mix of approximately 1% renewable natural gas certificates and 99% carbon offsets.

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