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Black Hills Energy Affordability Program

Income-qualified residential customers can receive financial assistance through the Black Hills Energy Affordability Program or BHEAP.

Colorado Electric customers must apply to the program and meet the eligibility requirements. Colorado gas customers who receive Leap benefits and meet eligibility requirements will be automatically enrolled in BHEAP for one year, and will receive an affordable bill. The affordable bill is calculated as a percent of actual household income relative to the Federal Poverty Level.

Black Hills Energy automatically enrolls Colorado gas customers in BHEAP who are receiving LEAP assistance or have applied to Colorado LEAP with an eligible household income.

Total BHEAP enrollment is limited to the amount of BHEAP funds available in the benefit year, which runs Nov. 1 – Oct. 31.

Eligibility requirements

In order to be accepted into the program, customers must meet certain eligibility requirements.

  • Must be a Black Hills Energy electric or gas customer in Colorado.
  • Must participate in the Colorado Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LEAP) regardless of heating fuel type; or, must have applied to Colorado LEAP with an eligible household income.
  • Must have a household income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Level.
  • Must accept Budget Billing.

Apply for BHEAP

Apply by completing the online application.

For a printed application, pick up one at a local assistance agency listed below or call Customer Service at 888-890-5554

You’ll be notified by mail when your application has been processed.

Local assistance agencies with BHEAP applications

As a Black Hills Energy gas customer in Colorado, you can pick up energy assistance program forms at the following locations.

Castle Rock

Elbert County Task Force 
1638 Park St. 
Castle Rock, CO 80109

Cheyenne Wells

Cheyenne – Department of Health and Human Services
560 W. 6th St. N. 
Cheyenne Wells, CO 80810

Colorado Springs

Energy Resource Center
5920 Paonia Court 
Colorado Springs, CO 80915


God's Pantry Ministry
102 N. Main St.
Fountain, CO 80817

Walt Fortman Community Center
501 East Iowa Ave.
Fountain, CO 80817


Lincoln – Department of Human Services
103 3rd Ave.
Hugo, CO 80821


Colorado East Community Action Agency 
1114 Main St.
Limon, CO 80828


Tri-Lakes Cares
235 N. Jefferson St.
Monument, CO 80132

Frequently asked questions

The program, approved by the Colorado Public Utilities Commission on June 27, 2012, provides bill-payment assistance to eligible residential customers who are enrolled in the program.

Within 30-45 days applicants will receive an approval or non-acceptance letter with an explanation for approval amount or the reason for non-acceptance.

Black Hills Energy is currently accepting applications for the program.  You can submit a printed application or complete an online application at any time.

A 2011 Colorado Public Utilities Commission order requires all public gas and electric utilities in Colorado to file income-based utility assistance plans.  Black Hills Energy timely filed its electric and gas plans on April 18, 2012.

The Colorado Public Utilities Commission rules require all customers, except gas transportation, to pay a fee to support the program. Electric funding effective January 13th 2021.

Customer Class Existing BHEAP Rate Incremental BHEAP Rate New BHEAP Rate
Residential $0.31 $0.20 $0.51
Small General $1.00 $0.46 $1.46
Large General $26.09 $11.79 $37.88
Large Power $0.00050 $0.000017 $0.000517
Lighting $0.43 $0.14 $0.57
Irrigation $1.00 $0.41 $1.41

Note: Large Power BHEAP fee is volumetric/ per kWh


A description of the program was included with customers' bills.

In BHEAP, eligibility for the program is based on household income; specifically, the published Federal Poverty Level (FPL) Guidelines. BHEAP will accept applications from electric customers at or below 200% of FPL; gas customers must be at or below 200% of FPL and a LEAP participant (Income tables are listed above under eligibility requirements). We will prioritize all applicants in a given year with the lowest income levels enrolled first, with total enrollment limited to the amount of BHEAP funds available in the current benefit cycle. All applications will be subject to confidential, third-party verification.

We are not required to provide Forms 1099 to those enrolled in the program receiving the energy assistance credits. Those enrolled are encouraged to check with a tax advisor to determine any specific income tax implications based on personal income.

We can provide customers with options such as budget billing, payment installment plans and due date extensions to accommodate pay day schedules, etc. Contacting one of our customer service representatives is the only way for a customer to ensure that their unique situation is reviewed and afforded every allowable option. Our customer service agents can be reached at 888-890-5554.