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Nebraska regulatory rate review

Providing you with the energy you depend on.

We filed a request with the Nebraska Public Service Commission to recover cost increases and the over $450.7 million investment we’ve made in our natural gas system since our last rate review nearly a decade ago along with planned future investments.

The Nebraska Public Service Commission and its staff will thoroughly review the request, and consider public comments along with testimony from the Nebraska Public Advocate’s office, utility representatives and other interested parties. The statutory deadline for the Nebraska Public Service Commission to issue a decision is 240 days, but the commission could rule before then.

Virtual Town Hall meeting scheduled

The Nebraska Public Service Commission will be holding virtual town hall meetings September 21-23 regarding the rate filing. To learn more visit

Why are you requesting a rate review?

Ongoing investments in our natural gas system, including replacing and upgrading more than 500 miles of transmission and distribution natural gas pipelines are necessary to maintain safe, reliable service for our approximately 300,000 natural gas customers in 319 Nebraska communities.  Filing a rate review request with the Nebraska Public Service Commission is the standard process for a public utility to recover those costs and investments. 

We delayed our original timing in the best interest of our customers in light of the COVID-19 pandemic. The delay in filing has allowed for the Governor’s health directives to roll back and the company requested that any changes to customer bills be delayed to spring. Click here for more information on how we are assisting customers during the pandemic.

How much will rates increase?

As proposed, typical residential customers’ bill would increase by $4.46 per month based on an average monthly use of 58 therms. Commercial and industrial customer rates will vary based on rate class and total usage. For the average residential customer, that is an increase below the annual cumulative cost of living increase over the last ten years.