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Transportation Customer Rates

We offer natural gas transportation services on many of our local distribution and mainline pipelines. If you subscribe to transportation services, you’ll need to obtain your natural gas supply and manage your daily activities on our pipelines. We also offer market center and storage services on certain mainline systems.


A tariff is a group of schedules filed with our regulatory commissions. Tariffs contain basic rates, supplemental rates or riders, and general terms and conditions for providing utility service.

State Pipeline Tariff
Arkansas Black Hills Energy Arkansas, Inc. Download tariff
Colorado Black Hills Colorado Gas, Inc. Download tariff
Colorado Rocky Mountain Natural Gas LLC Download tariff
Iowa Black Hills/Iowa Gas Utility Company, LLC Download tariff
Kansas Black Hills/Kansas Gas Utility Company, LLC Download tariff
Nebraska Black Hills Nebraska Gas, LLC, d/b/a Black Hills Energy Download tariff
Wyoming Black Hills Wyoming, LLC Download tariff
Wyoming Black Hills Wyoming Gas, LLC Download tariff
Wyoming Black Hills Shoshone Pipeline, LLC Download tariff



From time to time, we make updates to our rates and programs. The following information is to keep you up to date about the changes that apply to transportation customers and to comply with the public utilities law.

Filing for an increase to the fuel, lost and unaccounted for gas ("FL&U") reimbursement quantity percentage of Rocky Mountain Natural Gas LLC D/B/A Black Hills Energy

On September 29, 2023, the Company filed a request with the Public Utilities Commission of the State of Colorado that reflects a proposed increase to the Company’s FL&U percentage. The current rate is 1.59% and the new proposed rate is 1.96%. If approved, the increase will become effective November 1, 2023, and will affect all Shippers. The filing documents are below for your viewing.