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Wireless meters

We’re always using technology to improve our processes and provide you with better, more efficient service. Technology helps us remain agile to meet your changing energy needs.

We started installing wireless meters on our customers’ homes and businesses in June 2010. We also added communications infrastructure, IT software and equipment necessary to initiate an advanced metering system in our service areas.

We send monthly meter readings to a data collector in a passing company vehicle or on a utility pole. From there, the information goes into our billing system. Wireless meter reading delivers greater efficiency, an improved billing process, and more immediate, accurate service transition when a customer moves.


Wireless meter technology provides the infrastructure to integrate with our outage management system by using the wireless meters to get outage and restoration information immediately.

It also contributes to the national goal of an intelligent grid, serving your best interest.

Plus, reducing the number of vehicles we used to read meters is environmentally friendly and reduces gasoline and maintenance costs.