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Colorado electric commercial rebates

For more information about the requirements, download the printable application from the list below.

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Rebate Printable application
C&I Solutions  
LED lighting Download LED lighting application
Heating and cooling systems  
Packaged terminal air conditioner and packaged terminal heat pump Download terminal air conditioner and packaged terminal heat pump application
Packaged A/C and split systems Download packaged A/C and split systems application
Air source heat pump systems Download air source heat pump systems application
Water source heat pump systems Download water source heat pump systems application
Direct evaporative pre-cooling for air cooled condensers Download direct evaporative pre-cooling for air cooled condensers application
Air conditioner tune-up Download air conditioner tune-up application
Air cooled chiller with condenser (ARI standard conditions: 44°F leaving chilled water, 2.4 gpm/ton. 95°F entering condenser air)  Download air cooled chiller with condenser application
Compressed air  
Variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor Download variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor application
No loss air drain Download no loss air drain application
Cycling dryer Download cycling dryer application
Mist eliminator Download mist eliminator application
Dew point demand controls Download dew point demand controls application
Compressed air study rebate Download compressed air study rebate application
Custom rebates
Commercial custom rebate program Download commercial custom rebate program application
Small business direct install
Small business direct install Contact 888-391-8702 or Click here for more information
New Construction  
Residential new construction Contact
Indoor Agriculture Download indoor agriculture program application
Large Industrial Audits Call 888-567-0799
Electric vehicle rebates
Electric vehicle charging rebate Download electric vehicle charging rebate application

Commercial new construction rebates

We offer incentives to promote energy efficiency in the new construction and major renovation market. The program also targets buildings that are seeking certification as “green buildings” through the U.S. Green Building Council USGBC.

For new construction and green building projects, there are four tracks to savings depending on the size of building and estimated savings.

For more information and to get started:

Download the rebate application