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Colorado electric commercial rebates

For more information about the requirements, download the printable application from the list below.

Rebate Printable application
LED lighting
Heating and cooling systems  
Packaged terminal air conditioner and packaged terminal heat pump
Packaged A/C and split systems
Air source heat pump systems
Water source heat pump systems
Direct evaporative pre-cooling for air cooled condensers
Air conditioner tune-up
Air cooled chiller with condenser (ARI standard conditions: 44°F leaving chilled water, 2.4 gpm/ton. 95°F entering condenser air) 
Water cooled chiller, rotary screw and scroll (ARI standard conditions: 44°F leaving chilled water, 2.4 gpm/ton. 85°F entering condenser water, 3.0 gpm/ ton) 
Compressed air  
Variable speed drive (VSD) air compressor Download
No loss air drain Download
Restaurant equipment 
Restaurant equipment upgrades rebate Download
New construction
Commercial new construction
Custom rebates
Commercial custom rebate program Download
Self-direct custom rebates
Commercial self-direct custom rebate program