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Iowa gas commercial rebates

We offer rebates to commercial and industrial customers to replace similar, less energy-efficient equipment. The program helps reduce the purchase price and payback period of your new equipment and reduce your monthly energy costs. 

To get started fill out our Customer Rebate Application

Looking for a printable application? Download the PDF.

We have all kinds of programs to help you save money and energy. Find out how you can lower your energy costs, make your home more comfortable and reduce your energy use.

For more information about the requirements, download the printable application from the list below.

rebate printable application
Natural gas water heating
Storage condensing water heater Download
Tankless water heater Download
High-efficiency natural gas heating
Commercial furnace Download
Duct insulation Download
High-efficiency commercial natural gas cooking equipment (please provide manufacturer's specification sheets)
Convection ovens Download
Conveyor ovens Download
Fryer Download
Griddle Download
Rotating rack oven Download
Custom rebates
Custom rebates Download

*Envelope Measures are for retrofit only and not for new construction.