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South Dakota commercial rebates

The 2022 South Dakota and Weston County, WY energy efficiency rebate program has been discontinued for the remainder of 2022. Due to the success of the program, we have depleted our approved budget for rebates and will no longer be able to process applications. We are currently working towards approving the 2023 rebate programs and will update this website in 2023 with those program details. As a reminder, the rebate programs are on a first come, first serve basis and we process applications as they come in. If you have any questions, please email Brian at

South Dakota electric commercial rebate program
Rebate Equipment Information Printible application
LED Lighting Projects - Lamps and fixtures
  • Commercial lighting projects that include installing, replacing or retrofitting, and updating with qualifying lighting equipment
Download commercial lighting application
Commercial Equipment
  • Commercial equipment includes: HVAC (air conditioners, heat pumps, thermostats), Sensors, Controls, PTAC's, PTHP's, & Variable Frequency Drives
Please download the application for more information on qualifying equipment.
At this time, we no longer offer energy audits for our South Dakota and Weston County, Wyoming Electric customers.
For more information about South Dakota & Weston County, WY commercial & industrial electic rebates, please email Brian at


Electric vehicle charging rebate program
Electric vehicle charging rebate Download electric vehicle charging rebate application
For more information about the Electric Vehicle Charging Rebate program, please email