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Wyoming electric commercial rebates - Weston County

Weston County, Wyoming, electric commercial rebate program

Rebate program Program information Printable application
LED lighting projects - lamps and fixtures
  • Commercial lighting projects that include installing, replacing or retrofitting, and updating with qualifying lighting equipment
Commercial equipment
  • Commercial equipment includes: HVAC (air conditioners, heat pumps, thermostats), Sensors, Controls, PTACs, PTHPs and Variable Frequency Drives

At this time, we no longer offer energy audits for our South Dakota and Weston County, Wyoming, electric customers.

For more information about South Dakota and Weston County, Wyoming, residential electric rebates, please email Brian Munsell.


Electric vehicle rebate program

Rebate program Program information Printable application
Level 2 Electric Vehicle Charger Our Ready EV program provides cash rebates to cover a significant portion of the cost of Level 2 electric vehicle charging equipment and installation for commercial customers wanting to install chargers for their employees, customers, and fleets.


Level 3/DC Fast Charger Please contact us at for information regarding rebates for Level 3/DC Fast Chargers including, rebate amounts and eligible equipment. Available upon request

For more information about the Electric Vehicle Charging Rebate program, please email