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Electric vehicle choices

With more than 40 different types of electric vehicles on the market they are becoming more popular with choices like SUVs, sedans, sports cars, and soon-to-be trucks.  Their ranges have increased while the cost of the cars has been decreasing.  

There are two types of electric vehicles:

  1. All electric-vehicles
    • Run on a battery only
    • Does not need gasoline or oil changes
    • Save up to $1,000 a year on fuel and maintenance costs
  2. Plug-in hybrid vehicles
    • Run on both a battery and gasoline

Find an electric vehicle that is right for you. Visit PlugStar by Plug In America to find a car that fits your lifestyle:

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Buying any vehicle is a big decision, and making a change to electric can add even more information to sort through as you consider what option best fits your life. Our trained staff is happy to talk with you about any questions you have.