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Types of vehicles

Not all electric vehicles are equal. Just as traditional cars can range from a Ford Fiesta to a Land Rover, electric vehicles come in many makes, models and price points.

To narrow it down, first determine which broad category works best for your lifestyle

  1. Plug-In Electric Vehicle
  2. Non Plug-In Electric Vehicle

As the name suggests, plug-in electric vehicles have electric batteries that are recharged by plugging the car into an electric source. You can either go all-in with a Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) that is a pure EV and powered with only electricity, or opt for a plug-in hybrid that can use either an electric battery or gas. With a plug-in hybrid, a gas-powered engine can turn on if your battery depletes.

Vehicles in the other category, Non plug-in EVs, don’t have to plug in to recharge. Instead, these vehicles are hybrids with a battery and gas engine that work together using regenerative breaking to recharge the battery.

Next, contact us for more information

Buying any vehicle is a big decision, and making a change to electric can add even more information to sort through as you consider what option best fits your life. Our trained staff is happy to talk with you about any questions you have.