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Residential new construction

The Residential New Construction Program promotes the construction of ENERGY STAR labeled energy-efficient single family and multifamily homes by providing incentives to new home builders for the installation of high-efficiency heating, cooling and water-heating equipment, and more robust thermal envelope measures.

This program takes a comprehensive approach to overall efficiency and is designed to take advantage of the EPA’s ENERGY STAR Homes Program. All homes seeking rebates must meet specific home energy rating score requirements (HERS) with a maximum score of 70, as shown below.

Prescriptive path

Rebate level qualification requirement incentive
Furnace ≥ 94% AFUE $325
Furnace ≥ 96% AFUE $400
Storage water heater ≥ 0.64 UEF $75
Storage water heater ≥ 0.80 UEF $300
Tankless water heater ≥ 0.87 UEF $300

Performance path

Rebate level Qualification req. Natural gas req. Electric Req. Incentive
Electric Homes Gas Homes Combined electric/Gas*
Performance track HERS ≤ 60 w/ Energy Star v.3 certificate Furnace ≥ 92% AFUE; Water heater ≥ 0.64 UEF Air conditioner ≥ SEER 15; heat pump ≥ 90 HSPF $2,500 $3,000 $3,500

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You must be a Black Hills Energy customer to be eligible for any Black Hills Energy applicable rebates.