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Black Hills Energy works to restore natural gas service in Mountain Home

MOUNTAIN HOME, AR – Dec. 23, 2022 – Black Hills Energy technicians are working nonstop to complete a multistep process to restore natural gas service as quickly and safely as possible in Mountain Home. 
Technicians are going door to door turning off service to 339 impacted natural gas meters to safely restore system pressure. Immediately following restoration of system pressure, technicians will begin relighting residential customers’ home appliances. 
Black Hills Energy employees from across Arkansas with support from Kansas are joining the effort to expedite restoration of service to Mountain Home customers. Twenty technicians are diligently working to complete the restoration process. Because of low temperatures, Mountain Home residents are encouraged to contact neighbors who may be out of town. Please advise them to call Black Hills Energy’s customer service so a technician can check their home or building to ensure they have service. A home or building without heat is at risk for frozen water pipes.
For updates on service restoration efforts, customers can visit, check our social media channels or call us at 888-890-5554.
Please remember the following safety tips:

  • Be alert for leaking natural gas. If you smell natural gas, leave the building or area immediately and tell others to leave, too. 
  • After you’re safely away from the area, call 911 and our emergency number at 888-890-5554. Never assume someone else has reported a natural gas leak. Alert your neighbors. 
  • Do not turn on lights, ignite a flame, use a cellphone or use anything that might cause a spark, including a flashlight or a generator while inside your home or any building. 
  • Never attempt to repair a natural gas leak, and do not attempt to turn natural gas valves on or off. 

For residents without heat, a warming center has been set up at the Real Life Church Mountain Home Reach Center, located at 1326 Rossi Road. The National Weather Service also advises the following guidance:

  • Close off unneeded rooms to avoid wasting heat
  • Stuff towels or rags in cracks under doors
  • Close blinds or curtains to keep in some heat
  • Eat and drink — food provides the body with energy for producing its own heat. Drink plenty of water and other non-caffeinated, non-alcoholic beverages to prevent dehydration 
  • Wear layers of loose-fitting, lightweight, warm clothing and remove layers to avoid overheating, perspiration and subsequent chill
  • When using heat from a fireplace, wood stove or space heater, use fire safeguards and be sure to properly ventilate.  

For information on energy conservation, bill assistance options and other resources, visit 

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