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What to do if your air conditioner freezes
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Target is full of school supplies and Hobby Lobby is filling its aisles with Christmas décor, but – fingers crossed - we still have a lot of summer left. At this point, your air conditioner has already been doing some heavy lifting during the warm summer months and still has a couple months to go.

If all that wear and tear has taken a toll on your AC unit, make sure to give it some TLC to keep it running safely and efficiently for the rest of the summer.

One of the most common things you might notice is frost on your AC unit. This is a sign that something significant is wrong inside the unit and could cause a lot of damage.

Here’s what to do if your AC freezes up:

Turn it off

Ice on your AC unit can cause some major damage, so if you see any frost turn the unit off right away so it doesn’t get any worst than it already is.

Change your air filter

Restricted air flow is one of the most common reasons an AC might freeze. Replace the filter, and then let the unit defrost before turning it back on again.

Check the coils

If your filter isn’t the issue, then it might be an issue with your coils. Make sure they’re clean.


If your AC is still freezing after you’ve verified that it’s not your filter or coils, then you may have to dig a little deeper. Collapsed or extremely dirty ducts might be blocking the air flow.

Hopefully these easy steps will give you the peace of mind to savor the last few weeks of summer. So head to the pool, enjoy some time outside, and soak up some vitamin D. And Hobby Lobby, if you’re reading this, thanks for thinking ahead, but we’ll wait to shop for Christmas ornaments in November.

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