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You may have heard that R-22, a refrigerant used in many older air conditioners, is now illegal to produce and import.

The EPA began phasing out R-22 as part of a collaborative effort to eliminate ozone-depleting substances. Wondering what to do next? We’re here to help. Our technicians can help you identify if your system uses R-22 and talk through your long-term options.

For more information about the EPA’s phase out of R-22, visit their website.

How do I know if my unit uses R-22 refrigerant?

On the outside unit of your air conditioner, you should see a white tag located on the back of the unit. That is where you will find exactly what type of refrigerant your unit uses. Your unit will likely use R-22 if it was manufactured before 2010.

When did the R-22 phase-out begin?

Officially, the phase-out began back in 2010. By January 1, 2020, the phased-out approach had reached the point to where R-22 was no longer able to be imported or produced within the United States.

Why was R-22 phased out?

R-22 was phased-out due to the chlorine that is contained within the refrigerant.  It was found that when the R-22 refrigerant is released into the air, either through a leak or venting, that the chlorine would float up into the ozone layer where it could not break down, causing damage to the ozone layer.

Can I convert my R-22 unit to take R-410A?

No, R-410A operates at a much higher pressure than R-22. It is possible that if you put R-410A into your existing R-22 unit you could cause permanent damage.

Should I repair my R-22 machine?

If you repair your unit today and recharge it with more R-22 refrigerant, it is very likely that you will be facing the same problem next year. Continuing to utilize a system with R-22 is not a long-term solution as, inevitably, the unit will need to be replaced in the future.

I have a Service Guard repair plan. Does it cover R-22?

Since R-22 is no longer available, it is not included in Service Guard plans.

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