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Solar continuous roll-over

solar rollover

Excess energy from the solar system that is “banked” will be cashed out at the end of the year, or the customer may make a one-time election to "roll-over" excess energy to the account until termination of service, with no payments made for excess energy. If the one-time election is not specified in writing, than the cash-out option at the end of the year will be enacted. All third-party owned systems are placed in the rollover option for excess energy. The “roll-over” option is a permanent election and therefore the customer may not revert back to the “cash-out” option after the “roll-over” option election is made in writing. 

The deadline for the “roll-over” option election is Nov. 15 each calendar year. After the “roll-over” option election is made in writing, you do not need to make the election again in a subsequent calendar year. Any excess generation is rolled over each month and credited to your account as prior banked energy. Rollover credits are never cashed out and exist until they are used up or the account closes at which time the credits are forfeited.

Solar continuous roll-over form