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Solar project fee policy and amount

The solar project fee amount schedule is as follows:

  • Systems that are 10 kW and smaller require a $320 solar project fee.
  • Systems greater than 10 kW, up to and including 500 kW, require a $620 solar project fee.
  • Fees are non-refundable for any reason.

Fees apply to customer-owned and third-party-owned solar systems.  

The solar project fee is due at time of online application submittal. 

Online applications must meet all solar program guidelines to be accepted before reaching the reservation status. If the application fails to satisfy any requirement, the application will be declined. Reservation agreements will be sent with unique reservation agreement numbers to qualified customers and their contractors.

The application process is outlined below:

  1. Systems must be pre-approved by Black Hills Energy. Installation must not be started until a reservation number is received.
  2. Systems must be installed and approved by Regional or State Inspector, not to exceed 12 months from time of application acceptance, unless an extension is requested in writing, and provided by Black Hills Energy.
  3. The system name plate size in DC watts cannot change more than 10 percent in size from the original application.
  4. Solar contractor or developer cannot change from the original application, unless approved by the customer and Black Hills Energy. All program and installation requirements must be met and approved for metering interconnection.
  5. Systems not completed within the allotted time frames will need to re-apply for the incentive level available at that time. All fees that are forfeited will be applied to Black Hills Energy's RESA account balance.