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Interconnection compliance

The documents and information provided are required by the Interconnection Rules of the Colorado Public Utilities Commission at 4 CCR 723-3-3850 et seq., as may be amended from time to time, and in part, the provisions of Colorado Senate Bill 21-261.


New tariffs for Interconnections Service, including Meter Collar Adapters, effective January 18, 2022

On December 17, 2021, Black Hills Energy filed tariffs at the Colorado Public Utilities Commission.  The filing was assigned Proceeding No. 21AL-0617E.  The tariffs apply to all classes of customers and all classes of service where a customer-owned generating facility is requested to interconnect and operate in parallel with the Company’s distribution system.  The tariffs propose terms and conditions governing interconnections service.  The tariffs include provision for customer-owned meter collar adapters from the statutory requirements in Senate Bill 21-261.  The tariffs propose new fees for interconnection requests as follows:

Application description Fee amount
Pre-application $250
Level one $380
Level two $760
Level three $760

You may view the filing documents below.  You may contact Black Hills Energy at with questions or call 888-890-5554.

Interconnection process

  1. Solar developer submits application via the online application portal
  2. Black Hills Energy begins review of submitted appliaction. Approval or denial of interconnection application is based on suppplemental documentation review and expected energy consumption.
  3. Are meter collar capacity limits exceeded? Does the meter collar adapter meet all interconnection manual specifications? 
  4. Engineering team begins level two review process. This review is only necessary for projects over 25 kW. Approval or denial of interconnection application is based on review completion. 
  5. Solar developer receives interconnection documents and begins project construction.
  6. Upon project completion, the solar developer submits final documentation for review via the application portal.
  7. Black Hills Energy reviews submitted final documentation and requests meter exchange.
  8. Meter Department completes meter exchange and conducts system test.
  9. Solar system is online and operational. 

Download Interconnection process (PDF).