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Renewable natural gas

Transform your waste with renewable natural gas

Renewable natural gas is an ultra-clean and ultra-low carbon natural gas alternative. As organic waste breaks down it emits methane gas, called biogas, which can be processed and blended with, or used in place of, traditional natural gas.

We use natural gas to heat our homes and water, to cook our meals, and to fuel vehicles. What distinguishes renewable natural gas from traditional natural gas is just a question of what organic matter is decaying.

While traditional natural gas comes from deep underground wells, renewable natural gas is derived from organic waste materials, such as food waste, garden and lawn clippings, animal and plant-based material, paper, cardboard and wood. The abundance of these materials allows for production of biogas in significant quantities.

How does it work?

Renewable natural gas

1. Organic material is delivered to the digester system. This may include animal manure, food waste, agricultural waste, or wastewater solids.

2. Organic material is broken down in digester system. The digester uses a natural biological process under controlled conditions to break down organic material into products for beneficial use or disposal. 

3A. Raw biogas is processed. Typically, water, carbon dioxide and other trace compounds are removed, depending on the end use, leaving mostly RNG.

3B. Digested material is processed and distributed. Solids and liquids from the digester may be used to produce marketable products like fertilizer, compost, soil amendments, and animal bedding.

4. Processed biogas is distributed and used. The RNG may be used on site for heating, vehicles and other purposes or injected into a natural gas pipeline.

Start benefitting from renewable natural gas

If your facility produces a large amount of biogas, you may benefit from renewable natural gas. Complete our questionnaire for more details.

More information and resources

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