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Arkansas rates and regulatory information

A tariff is a group of schedules filed with our regulatory commissions. Tariffs contain basic rates, supplemental rates or riders, and general terms and conditions for providing utility service.

Residential Customers

The rates below apply to a single-family home with one meter. For more information on Arkansas rate review, please visit

Residential Rates Description
Customer Charge $12.33 Per month
Delivery rate $0.590624 Per Ccf
Cost of Gas Rider $0.239439 Per Ccf
Cost of Gas - Unschedule $0.193398 Per Ccf
Weather Normalization Adjustment Rider Footnote 1  
Energy Efficiency Cost Recovery Rider $0.034627 Per Ccf
Billing Determinant Adjustment Rider $0.000000 Per Ccf (no rate at this time)
Act 310 Surcharge Rider $0.000000 Per Ccf
Main Replacement Program Rider $0.000000 Per Ccf
At-risk meter relocation program rider $0.000000 Per Ccf
Safety and Integrity Rider $0.020509 Per Ccf
Tax and Fee Rider Footnote 2  


  1. Residential, Business 1, and Business 2 rate classes are subject to the Weather Normalization Adjustment Rider. This adjustment is applicable to billings calculated from meters read between Nov. 1 through April 30. The calculation is based on the deviation of actual weather from 30-year normal weather. Irrigation, grain drying, and natural gas vehicles are exempt from this rider.
  2. Sales tax and franchise taxes vary by customer's location.

More information

Download the Arkansas natural gas rate sheet (PDF) to view rates based on customer type and annual usage.