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Introducing our new 60-megawatt wind farm, Busch Ranch II


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Bringing Renewables Home

We are proud to have one of the cleanest energy grids in the state, made up of natural gas, wind and solar generation. After Busch Ranch II is completed this fall and placed into service, 30 percent of our energy will come from renewable sources.

Because we know our customers value renewable energy sources, we’ll continue to expand our renewable offerings in the coming years. Along the way, we’ll seek partnerships with local businesses and suppliers to help bring new renewable energy to life for a stronger, cleaner Southern Colorado. 

Locally-built renewable energy 

Our 60-megawatt Busch Ranch II wind farm, under construction about 50 miles south of Pueblo, will generate enough renewable energy to power 28,000 Southern Colorado homes a year. Anchored by our partnership with Vestas, all components of the wind farm’s 27 turbines were manufactured at facilities in Colorado, including Vestas’ Pueblo campus, helping to boost local economic development and fortify Southern Colorado as a renewable energy leader.

At the start of the project, job fairs were held in La Veta, Pueblo and Walsenburg to promote local hiring for the 150 new construction and technician positions. Combined with local supply chain purchases and added tax revenues, Busch Ranch II is making a significant economic impact on Southern Colorado.

Flying the blades

Southern Colorado clean energy snapshot

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