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Natural gas vehicles


Choose a smart fuel for your fleet

It’s not often that these four words -clean, abundant, domestic and reliable - can be used to describe a fuel source in the U.S. But with natural gas, all of them apply.

And thanks to those benefits, natural gas-fueled vehicles are gaining momentum. According to NGVAmerica, the US has about 120,000 NGVs on the roads today and more being added every day.

Natural gas vehicles

NGVS are excellent for fleets 

  • Great for local/state government
  • Great for refuse collection
  • Great for airport vans and transit buses
  • Great for school buses
  • Great for short-haul delivery
  • Great for food and beverage delivery
  • Great for utilities and communication fleets

NGVS are proven and reliable 

  • Over 15 million NGVs worldwide
  • NGVs are 80-90 percent quieter than diesel vehicles
  • NGV life-cycle costs are lower

If we, in the United States, truly want to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, natural gas just makes sense. Ninety percent of our natural gas is produced in the United States, and the country has 100-plus years of natural gas reserves available to meet our energy needs. According to The Kansas City Star, that’s more energy than in all of Saudi Arabia’s oil.

We're doing our part to support a cleaner, more self-reliant country by promoting natural gas and touting its benefits. We host natural gas vehicle workshops and other events and is working to help fleet managers determine the best way to convert their vehicles to run on natural gas.

Cost-Effective. Abundant. Domestic. Clean. Reliable. Words that can — and should — define how the U.S. describes its energy. And with the help of natural gas and NGVs, it could happen sooner rather than later.

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