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Natural gas savings

While natural gas offers a number of valuable benefits, including reduced tailpipe emissions and extended engine life with proper maintenance, the potential to save significant money on fuel costs drives many businesses to switch some or all of their fleet to run on natural gas.

Plug your fleet figures into our U.S. Department of Energy savings calculator for a general estimate of your potential savings. This is a great reference tool. You’ll just want to remember that the only way you can get an actual cost and savings estimate is by starting a conversation with our experts.

You may qualify for state and federal tax incentives when you invest in NGVs and NGV fueling stations. Let us take care of the leg work for you. We have the knowledge and experience to help you collect every financial benefit you’ve got coming to you. 

Incentives & Programs

Before you make your final decision on NGVs, you’ll want to learn the amount of financial assistance, rebates and incentives you’ll receive. You’ll also want to make sure your application is filled out and submitted in the way that best ensures your success.

We’ll help you with all of the legwork and put our experience and expertise to work for you by making sure you collect the highest level of every financial benefit available.


We offer financial assistance and substantial rebates for investing in NGVs and NGV fueling stations. Our prescriptive customer rebates are based on the size of your fleet and the volume of natural gas you use.

Affiliate savings program 

Companies including Sparq, Stirk, Midwest and Sterling offer programs that give you more flexibility in how you invest in natural gas vehicles. In fact, some programs allow you to convert vehicles and acquire your own fueling station with little or no up-front costs.

Shared saving packages 

A Shared Savings Package provides you with capital from others to fund your NGV project, and that capital is paid back through the sharing of cost-savings.

For example, let’s say diesel is $2.75 per gallon and compressed natural gas is $1.50 per diesel gallon equivalent.

You agree to pay $1.75 per gallon equivalent, and the extra 25 cents goes toward your Shared Savings Package. 

Oh, and you still save a dollar over diesel fuel for every gallon equivalent you buy. (Multiply that dollar by the number of gallons of diesel you bought last year. See what we mean?)

Federal Tax Incentives 

For an updated list of incentives, visit the Alternative Fuels Data Center.

State Incentives 

State and many regional and local governments offer incentives for buying and operating natural gas vehicles. These include tax deductions/credits, reduced license fees, reduced vehicle sales tax, and lower registration fees. Some programs cover all alternative fuel vehicles; others provide incentives for a specific fuel.

State laws, regulations and programs 

The U.S. Department of Energy’s Alternative Fuels and Advanced Vehicles Database Center is a searchable resource.