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Get started with renewable natural gas


renewable natural gas

We’re committed to helping the environment and supporting corporate sustainability goals. That’s why we offer expertise and assistance to customers and project developers who want to convert biogas into renewable natural gas.

Through our network of natural gas pipelines, we offer the opportunity for renewable natural gas to be accepted into our transmission and distribution system and delivered to our customers through interconnection receipt points.

Set up interconnection receipt points

There are three major steps to begin setting up interconnection receipt points:

1. Interconnection capacity study

We’ll determine the downstream capacity of our gas distribution system to accept the injection of renewable natural gas and the associated facility costs.

2. Preliminary engineering study

We’ll develop preliminary cost estimates for:

land acquisition site development right-of-way metering gas quality testing
permitting regulatory environmental unusual construction operating and maintenance costs

We’ll then run these costs through our feasibility model to help determine rates and return on equity. Then we’ll prepare draft facilities interconnection agreements and renewable natural gas transportation agreements.

3. Final engineering study 

We’ll complete the final cost estimates and engineering construction drawings, and prepare all construction, regulatory and environmental permit applications and right-of-way acquisition requirements.


All costs associated with the interconnection receipt point will be the responsibility of the interconnector.