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Countdown to Spring with these tips to keep you – and your furnace - happy
changing furnace filter

February. The longest short month of the year.

It’s only 29 days, but it’s hard not to look longingly at next month’s promise of the first day of Spring and longer sun-lit evenings.

The seasonal limbo has us wearing sweaters but dreaming of swimming pools.

Your furnace is in limbo too. It’s been working hard all winter but has no vacation in sight. Here are some tips for you - and your furnace - to stay happy until Spring comes.

Schedule a break  

Step away from your work and enjoy a nature walk. Do a puzzle. Binge watch Cheer and dare yourself not to cry during the last episode. Whatever you do to relax and recharge, build it into your week to fight off the winter blues.

Your furnace also needs a break. If you install a programmable thermostat, your furnace can rest a bit while you’re out of the house. Plus, you’ll save some energy and money.

Take some time to pamper 

Get your nails done. Soak in a hot bath. Put on one of those moisturizing masks and scare your kids. Taking time for some self-care can be just what you need to get over the winter hump.

Your furnace needs a little pampering too. Make sure to change the filter about every three months to keep it running safely and efficiently. Make sure your furnace’s intake pipe is free of any dust and debris. Any blockage to the air supply can damage your unit.

Have something to look forward to 

Research shows that planning something fun for the future can significantly increase overall happiness. Plan now for your summer vacation so you can have a light at the end of the winter tunnel.

Your furnace can look forward to a bit of a break this summer too. It will still be on duty circulating the cool air that your air conditioner produces in the hotter months. But hey, any break can help, right?

Check out this countdown calendar with beautiful spring imagery that will help you anticipate the change of the season down to the second. And for your furnace, make sure you've signed up for an inspection through Service Guard. Spring may seem like a long time off, but we can make it. One day at a time.



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