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Your home water heater - tips for keeping the hot water flowing

After a busy day, nothing beats a hot bubble bath, especially during the cold winter months. Add a candle and some soothing music, and you’ve got a perfect little spa right in your own home.

Most of us probably don’t spend much time thinking about hot water. It’s a luxury we’ve come to expect – turn on the faucet and voilà. But when it’s suddenly not there, we sure notice. No one wants to take a cold shower or soak in a chilly tub.  

That’s why it’s particularly important to maintain the health of your water heater – the heating source of your home’s water. Don’t wait until there’s nothing but cold water flowing from your faucets. To keep your heater working at its best, consider these do-it-yourself tips.

  1. Flush your water heater at least once a year. Not only is this good for your water heater, but it will also acquaint you with the inner mechanics of your appliance and alert you to any potential issues. You’ll likely see sediment in your tank. It’s hard to avoid. Remove as much of the sediment as possible as it can cause corrosion. Make sure to read your manual on the safest way to do your annual flush.
  2. Drop the temperature. If you can stand a slightly cooler morning shower, consider dropping the temperature on your water heater. Most water heaters are automatically set at 130 degrees Fahrenheit. Give 120 degrees a try. That slight reduction can not only save you money in your energy bill, but it might lengthen the life of your water heater. Water that is hotter than 120 degrees accelerates the accumulation of hard water mineral sediment, which can lead to corrosion.  
  3. Keep an eye out for leaks. If the floor around your water heater has any standing water or if you happen to notice drips or leaks, you may have a water heater that is not working properly.   

Even with the best maintenance, unfortunately many appliances still break down. If your water heater needs some help, remember that we are here for you. Our Service Guard program protects the appliances that you depend on the most.

Click here to view appliance repair protection plan options in your area. 

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