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Team saves a pup on a three dog night in Cody, Wyoming

At Black Hills Energy, leaving no one in the cold means leaving NO ONE in the cold!

The week of February 8 brought arctic temperatures to Cody, Wyoming with daytime temperatures far below zero. Our team worked diligently to make sure our customers had the energy they depend on to stay warm.

During the cold snap, we tracked an abandoned dog as she made her way across the county searching for food and shelter. We worried about her safety and wanted to do something to help.

Our office became an unofficial incident command center to help the community bring this dog to safety. Through careful watch we were able to secure this dog on one of the coldest days and bring her indoors for a warm-up and some much-needed food.

One of our technicians even stepped up and agreed to foster the dog until she is back to full health. She is doing well; gaining weight and getting lots of love.

We partner with our communities and customers, providing the kind of energy that fuels those areas and the lives of those we serve. Feel free to share the stories and photos. Make sure to tag us on FacebookInstagram, LinkedIn and Twitter.

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