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There’s no place like home in Nebraska
men working on buildilng house

Habitat for Humanity of Columbus, Nebraska, has partnered with members of their community since 2010. In that time, 14 homes were built for those in need. Our team helped with construction efforts this year during Habitat’s annual Spring Volunteer Day. Those in attendance helped construct a home for Dayami Corona, a struggling mother of four who is now thriving thanks to her new home.

Since becoming a mom, Dayami and her children have lived in several unstable environments unfit for raising a family. These situations all ended in bouncing from house to house and getting by with what few items they had at the time. The Corona’s most recent home had no locking doors and no front door handle.

Despite several setbacks and personal challenges, Dayami pushed forward in her search for her family’s forever home. Her application for a Habitat for Humanity House was approved in November of 2022, and the Corona family has been on an upward trajectory ever since. Building their home has been no easy task, but Dayami committed herself to the process saying, “this is my home and my responsibility to make it happen with my blood, sweat and tears.”

Columbus Habitat director Lori Peters said Dayami, “is one of the most devoted homeowners she has seen. She’s all in and willing to get her hands dirty and wants to learn and absorb new life skills.”

Thank you, volunteers, for helping the Coronas on their path to a new, stable life.

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