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Wyoming payment assistance
payment assistance

We know some of our customers faced financial hardships due to COVID-19. We’re thankful we were able to show our support during this time. 

Now, as families, businesses and communities begin to find their new normal, we'll also be resuming our disconnection and collection processes for Wyoming customers on Aug. 10, 2020.

If you’re struggling to pay your bill, we've provided resources below. You can also call our customer support team at 888-890-5554 or contact us online to discuss our support options that may be available for you. 




Energy Share of Wyoming

Applications online or through Wyoming Salvation Army locations

The Forward Greater Cheyenne Relieve Fund

Assistance is dependent upon the availability of funds through community support. Payment of 100% will not be available. 

  • Transportation, Rent or Mortgage Payments, Deposit Payments, Utility Payments, Utility Deposits, Health/Mental Health Services, or Prescription Payments to be paid to the vendor.  
  • A small amount of direct assistance for groceries, supplies, gasoline, etc. may be considered, use the Assistance Requested section of the form. 



Wyoming Business Council

The Wyoming Business Council is assisting businesses faced with issues stemming from COVID-19. Per their site they are still drafting rules for three new grant programs to help businesses affected by the covid-19 pandemic. They will continue providing new information through our website, social media channels and news releases.

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