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We’re ready to help

With rising costs on everything from groceries to gasoline, budgets will be tight this winter. We understand the impact cost increases have on our customers, and we want to help by sharing energy efficiency tips, billing assistance options and additional information to help our communities use less energy through conservation and energy efficiency projects.

Conservation and energy efficiency can help, but we know that some customers may need additional assistance. We encourage any of our customers who may be struggling to pay their bills to reach out to our customer service team to learn more about our assistance programs like Black Hills Cares.

For more videos, conservation tips and safety reminders, visit Team Ready.


Winter thermostat settings

As winter temperatures dip, remember that your heating unit must work harder to keep your home comfortable — even when your settings stay the same. The colder it is outside, the harder your system is working to make up the difference to your ideal indoor temperature. In extreme cold, your furnace is working overtime, which can lead to an increased buildup of dust and debris — even more reason to make sure your air filter is clean and your furnace is regularly maintained.